dunkin donuts

Dunkin Donuts are well known for their donuts and decorating them to match holiday themes throughout the year to get into the holiday spirit. That is why when designing the packaging for their donuts the design leans towards a Christmas theme-base that really showcases Dunkin’s fun side to appeal to their customers. The actual packaging includes a bag, a box, and a cup. Donuts are the main focus of the packaging with fun frosting and each one is adorned a special hat to get into the Christmas spirit. The backgrounds are also Christmas themed with reefs and the color red since red and green are the traditional Christmas colors with snow framing the box and cup. It looks to be a white Christmas after all! This is aimed towards mothers who wish to grab sweet and fun-looking donuts for their children and a coffee for themselves and/or their husband around Christmas.

renaissance festival campaign

This is a poster campaign done for the Renaissance Festival that showcases four major points of the festival: Merry-making, the queen, jousting, and the food. The posters are designed to look like oil painting portraits from medieval times with an elegant frame around them and it is done on parchment paper to match the theme. Each poster has its own fun title with an eye-catching image that goes with said title. The logo is designed as a renaissance flag with icons that also represent each poster. This is aimed for families or individuals who enjoy dressing up and getting together with others who are looking for a good time.

annecy festival

A poster designed for the animation festival known as the ‘Annecy Festival’ where animation studios like Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks, and more come together to show off their films and provide sneak peeks of their latest work. Characters from up coming films in 2020 were chosen to best represent the festival in a fun display of their personalities and to give the impression that this is a performance. Micky, the fog, and the color blue give off a ‘magical quality’ for the show while the starry background, the puppet strings, and the characters themselves imply that this is a show they are performing. This is aimed for young viewers between the ages 10-22 who enjoy animation films and fun characters with a bit of magic.

samurai: way of the warrior
graphics standards

This is a guide made for the Samurai exhibit at the Frist Museum in Nashville, TN. The booklet explains the Wayfinding, advertising, campaign, and more that was involved in promoting the exhibit. Samurai warriors are the theme so the maroon color represents the blood of their enemies while with images of Samurai that show both their violent side yet also their honorable side. Parchment paper is used throughout the design to act as scrolls from the time period the Samurai are from. The booklet explains the color and design choices that have been made for the entire campaign and there is a page that explains every project in greater detail. This is aimed towards young men between the ages of 17-28 who enjoy blood and violence and warriors.

narnia book covers

This is a book cover set based on the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis portraying The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, Prince Caspian, and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The books are aimed for younger readers and is based on the magical world of Narnia so each book takes its own whimsical approach. The illustrations for each cover displays a landscape that stretches across the whole book cover that represents the setting of the book with one graphic that is the main focus on the cover that is symbolic to the book. The titles have an interesting graphic through their names for a more visual appeal that also goes with the theme of the story while an iconic image is taken from the story and is placed on the top of the right flap of the book.

antarctic trifold brochure

A trifold travel brochure on the wonders of the antarctic. On the front side of the brochure is one large image that stretches across all the panels. The cover panel is on the right while the contact panel is in the middle with a penguin and its hatchling, then finally the panel on the left holds a summary paragraph in the shape of a ball that is balanced on a seal’s nose. On the back is where all the fun activities are listed that visitors can do to occupy their time during their visit to the antarctic. There is a fun little graphic next to each activity while fun images of antarctic animals are used to make each panel more appealing. The color blue is used to match the theme of a frozen wasteland and the triangular shapes on the back represent frozen mountain peaks.

gameinformer magazine

This is a magazine article created for the Gameinformer magazine that is the hotspot for gamers to get the latest details of upcoming games or ones that are currently out. Digimon Survive is a tactics RPG game about survival. The game is both casual and hardcore that is centered around a darker theme since characters can die and be lost forever. Digimon characters show the casual and playful side while the overall outlook has a darker atmosphere such as the dark forest background since the characters get lost during a school camping trip. The hexagonal shapes give a ‘digital’ appearance since these are Digital monsters. This is aimed towards hardcore and/or casual gamers between the ages 17-22 who enjoy a challenge.

airtastic travels

This is a prototype for a travel mobile app for AirTastic Travels. The user can look at the many types of bundles the company provides and select one that best suits them. The app displays locations with a brief description and when one is selected the screen displays what the package includes such as flights, hotels, activities, and more. It will also display the total price for the whole package and then all that is needed is to select the ‘book’ button to add the travel plan. The blue represents the ‘overseas’ aspect of the design while the red compliments the blue while giving enough differentiation to be its own element. This is aimed towards young couples who are looking to kick back and relax to enjoy a romantic getaway with their significant other who make about $50,000 a year.

motion graphics: dear fellow traveler

This is an animation done for the song, “Dear Fellow Traveler” by Seawolf. This was a project simply done for fun and to test animation skills and design. There will be a button on the next slide that will take you to a booklet that acts as a guide that goes through the process step by step on how the animation was created. It includes the color palette, textures, storyboard and more. The snapping hands were rotoscoped in Photoshop while everything else was designed in After Effects. There is a colorful and playful tone to the overall design with a mysterious atmosphere to the scenery and the ‘Traveler’ character. This is aimed towards younger viewers between the ages 10-15 who enjoy fun characters and animations.


The Alcoa logo was done for an aluminum industry that supplies customers with bauxite, alumina, and aluminum. The ‘A’ is made to look like an aluminum tube that is twisted and bent to form the shape of an ‘A.’ Different shades of color are applied to give a ‘3D’ appearance to the overall design. The curves give the ‘A’ a fluent and smooth outlook while the color stays true to the company brand. This is taking the approach of redesigning the company’s logo that best defines who they are and what they do. This is aimed towards strong industry business men who work hard to supply their customers with what they need.

jeds junk

This logo was done for an antique shop known as Jed’s Junk, a store that sells high-quality items from the distant past at a good price. The ‘J’ is placed within an old-style keyhole to give the appearance of the ‘distant past.’ The colors were chosen to give a soft yet ‘rustic’ appearance to match the theme. The elegant ‘J’ and font for the title gives the store a more elegant appearance despite the fact it is an old antique store to make it more classy while also being modest. This is aimed towards casual wives in their forties who are looking to spruce their homes with something with personality and elegance at a good price.


Kenny is a water company that supplies pipes and faucets for easy water access. The ‘K’ of the logo is shaped like a drop of water with smooth curves to match the fluent curve of a sink faucet and gives it a more elegant appearance. The overall look of the logo has a ‘classy feminine’ style while the light blue represents the water without being too bold. The gray is used to represent the pipes and faucets that the company supplies in a softer color to go with the light blue of the logo. This is aimed towards women between their thirties and forties who care to have fancy sinks in their homes that work well and look classy.

fallen realm

A kingdom that has fallen with no hope of rising from the ashes. This logo was designed for a dark-themed video game where darkness has taken over and the player’s main goal is fighting for survival. The font choice gives the title an old medieval look while the faded white on the characters is what makes it appear to be old and worn. The red is chosen to represent blood and violence that showcases the ‘war’ that eventually led to the kingdom’s downfall while the faded white looks like splattered blood. The sword is the chosen graphic to represent the fallen since the blade is resting on its side while it also represents the fighting spirit of the player within the game. 

nashville zoo

A website designed for the Nashville Zoo. The design is cleaner and more efficient to navigate through while still giving the impression of being outside with animals. Images of the Nashville Zoo animals are used as the main focus on the site to give the idea of what is to be expected and found at the zoo. The zoo’s colors are used on the website as well as the color green to add the ‘nature feel’ since visitors are outside and getting the full experience of being at an animal’s natural habitat. The Nashville Zoo is eco friendly and welcoming to both visitors and animals alike so the overall design has a friendly and welcoming tone with an eco-friendly quality.


This is a stationary kit designed for ‘Kenny,’ a water company that supplies pipes and faucets for easy water access. The blue in their logo is used throughout the design with each piece containing their logo in some shape or form that makes them easily recognizable. Because this is a water company, faded blue waves are used to represent water on the letterhead and business card. The overall design is simple and clean for a pleasing and elegant appearance that compliments the logo. The logo itself is faded in the background of the letterhead, envelope, and the back of the business card. Big enough to be noticed but not too distracting to confuse the eye.

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